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The Friends Group of Sanilac District Library is an informal organization of citizens dedicated to promoting the continued growth of our library and its services throughout the Carsonville - Port Sanilac School District and Sanilac Township.

The Friends of Sanilac District Library are a group of people from all walks of life and all ages who share a common belief that a good public library is a valuable community asset that must be nourished and supported.

Members are called upon from time to time to help with projects designed to benefit the library. All money raised from fundraising events is used to provide additional library materials, computers, equipment, programs and improvements to the facility.

SDL would be pleased to have you as a Friend! Even though you may not want to work actively on a committee, there are many ways in which you can participate in our Friends Group. Simply joining and counting yourself among our Friends is one such way.

Sanilac District Library thanks all our friends whose encouragement and support make SDL a better place!