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TV Streaming Program

Monday, April 8 at 2: TV Streaming Services

Kelly Edwards will explain what TV streaming services are and how they work. Please RSVP. 


  Tuesday, April 9 at 2:  Bottle Cap Art 

Bottle Cap ArtCreate a fun art piece with Marie Willis of ReeMarkablesThere may be a fee for materials. More information coming soon.  Please RSVP.



Wednesday, April 10 at 2: Wall Pockets

Wall Pockets Workshop

Create a unique wall pocket from clay using techniques demonstrated by Gene Denison. Completted pockets wil be fired in a kiln and returned to the library for pick-up by students. $5 fee for supplies. Please RSVP.



Thursday, April 11 at 2: Michigan Stepping Stones

MI Stepping Stones

Paint an 8 inch pre-formed stepppig stone and decorate it with a mineral powder. Karen Biskey of Sticks & Stones. $15 fee for supplies. Please RSVP.


 Please RSVP at the Circulation Desk or by calling 622-8623.