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Books, Books on CD & DVDs For "Sale" By Donation

If you love reading, it is always a good idea to have a stash of books on hand. Especially during these uncertain times. 

Can't make it into the library to look at the items for sale in the lobby? Don't feel comfortable going into public places? SDL is offering safe no contact options. Check out the lists below and call or email SDL to order. 

Call 622-8623 or email: to order. Make an appointment to pick-up by Curb Service or during your inside the library visit.

All items have been quarantined. 

Items for sale include:

  • Books, CD books and DVDs "weeded" from SDL's collection to create space for new materials

  • Donations given to SDL that can't be added to the collection because they are duplicates of items already owned or there is not enough shelf space.  

All proceeds from book sale donations are used to benefit and improve SDL such as:

  • Buy more books or movies

  • Purchase new computers, equipment or furniture

  • Fund programs

  • Or other special projects 

Book Sale

Fiction    Romance     SciFi/Fantasy   Western    Children     Teen

Buy A Book Bag For $5 Packed With Books 

Gently used books are packaged in a new reusable cloth bag. Each bag contains 6 hardcovers or 10 paperbacks. The ‘grab bags’ include books by the same author, genre or theme. 

Grab Bag List

Buy A Grab Bag