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Summer Reading Club

All in-person programs have been cancelled due to the health emergency. 

See you next summer for reading fun!

 Rules Are As Simple as 1, 2, 3  

1. Register at SDL (You must live in SDL’s service area). 
2. Read 5 or more books from Sanilac District Library or CPS Elementary School Library to earn special prizes.
3. Record the titles or number of SDL books that are read.

Read-To-Me Program For Pre-Readers

Babies and preschoolers may take part in SDL's Summer Reading Program by having a parent, caregiver, sibling or grandparent read books from Sanilac District Library aloud to them.  

Reading aloud to children introduces critical early literacy skills and encourages  a love of  reading and books. Reading together is the single most effective way to help children become proficient readers.

Be a superhero and inspire a love of reading, share good books and help your child  become a super reader.  

Animal Tower

Thursday is Kids Day at SDL!

All programs have been cancelled due to the pandemic.

         Wigglers   ~   Toddler Time  ~   Elementary STREAM Club       

Gordon The Magician

The Summer Reading Party has been cancelled due to the health emergency
Celebrate the end of SDL's Summer Reading Program at our PARTY. The whole family will enjoy the special activities, fun and refreshments.

Prizes will be awarded to those who registered and completed SDL’s Summer Reading Program by reading 5 or more library books.

Fun for the whole family!

SDL’s Summer Reading Mission

  • Enable children to maintain reading proficiency. Kids need to read at least 10 minutes a day during summer vacation to retain the skills they learned during the school year. They need to read longer if they want to improve their skills. 
  • Encourage parents to develop early literacy skills with their children from birth and throughout their school years.
  • Create positive attitudes about reading & books.
  • Motivate everyone at every age to read.
  • Encourage regular use of Sanilac District Library.
  • Promote Sanilac District Library’s services.
  • Attract new library users to Sanilac District Library.

Prevent “The Summer Slide”

Most children who don’t participate in learning activities over the summer  forget things or fall behind their peers once the new school year begins. Summer learning loss or “the summer slide” is the phenomenon that occurs when children forget academic material after taking long breaks from school.  Research regarding summer learning loss suggests that: 

  • On average, students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in math and reading.
  • Teachers spend the first four to six weeks of the new school year re-teaching material from the previous year. 
  • Summer learning loss has a greater impact on low-income students, contributing substantially to the achievement gap in reading when compared with higher income peers. 
  • Summer learning loss is cumulative; over time it can create a gap of two to five years by the time students reach high school.