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Book Sale In SDL's Lobby

Books, Books on CD & DVDs are available for "Sale" by donation

If you love reading, it is always a good idea to have a stash of books on hand. Especially during these uncertain times. 

Items for sale include:

  • Books, CD books and DVDs "weeded" from SDL's collection to create space for new materials

  • Donations given to SDL that can't be added to the collection because they are duplicates of items already owned or there is not enough shelf space.  

All proceeds from book sale donations are used to benefit and improve SDL such as:

  • Buy more books or movies

  • Purchase new computers, equipment or furniture

  • Fund programs or other special projects 

Thank you for your support!

Items To Donate
SDL gratefully accepts donations of NEW and GENTLY USED audio books, books in print and DVDs in excellent condition.  

Donated items will only be accepted as space in the lobby permits. SDL does not have storage space. 

 Currently, SDL is NOT accepting book donations due to lack of space. 

 Sanilac District Library is NOT ABLE to accept the following:

Computer software 
Damp, dirty, mildewed, moldy, smelly materials of any kind
Home-recorded sound or video items 
Reader's Digest Condensed Books 
Video or Cassette Tapes


Upon request, Sanilac District Library will gladly furnish an acknowledgement for donated items. However, the IRS prohibits the library from assigning a value to those items.  Please contact an appraiser to determine the value of your donation. 

Ownership of Donated items
All donated materials become the  property of Sanilac District Library for its sole use or disposition. 
A donation of items implies agreement to this policy.