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Donations & Ways To Give

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Donations to Sanilac District Library from individuals, families, businesses and organizations are welcome at any time.  Contributions may be given in memory or in honor of a friend or loved one. Memorials and honorariums offer an opportunity to remember someone in a special way that will be a lasting source of enjoyment for all our library patrons. These gifts may be given to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, graduation, retirement, or any other special occasion.

Donations provide building improvements, computers, equipment, furniture, library materials, landscaping, operating funds, programs, services and technology upgrades that are not supplied by normal revenue sources.

Contributions may also be given to purchase library materials such as audio books, books for every age and reading level, magazine subscriptions and movies. A commemorative bookplate will be placed on each item, enabling the community to share in your gift or in the recognition of another. The Library Director will select appropriate materials according to your suggestions.

Designating Sanilac District Library in your estate planning as a bequest, trust or endowment is a significant method to support the library and assure continued success in providing library service to the community. Please, ask the Library Director for more information.

Sanilac District Library is always striving to provide the very best in library service to our community. Your investment will help ensure continued excellence and accomplish that goal.

 Ways To Give

Adopt-A-Magazine Program

Sanilac District Library offers many magazines covering a wide range of topics for all age groups. Adopting magazine subscriptions helps the library provide more of the materials that our patrons enjoy. If you would like to participate, choose a magazine from the list at the Circulation Desk.   


Anyone aged seventy and one-half or older may give up to $100,000 from a 401K directly to a nonprofit agency (501(c)(3) without tax penalty.


Your contribution will be an investment in the future and help ensure continued excellence in materials and services offered to our community.  

Commemorative and Memorial Gifts

Donations may be given as an honorarium or in memory of a loved one. These donations offer a wonderful opportunity to remember someone in a special way.

Matching Gifts

Your employer may offer a matching gift program. You may be able to “double your dollars” to the library. Contact your human  resource department for pertinent information.

Planned Gifts

Designating Sanilac District Library in your estate planning by a bequest, endowment, trust or other method is a special way to support the library and assure continued success in providing library service to the community.


A pledge, payable over several years may allow you to maximize your gift to the library and take advantage of annual tax benefits.  

Other Gifts

Gifts of real property, including art, jewelry, real estate, vehicles, etc. will be evaluated and accepted or declined on an individual basis.


Gifts of appreciated securities are welcome and may provide tax advantages. 

Tax Advantages

Federal Tax Deduction

Your contribution is deductible in the year of payment as an itemized deduction for federal income tax purposes.

Corporation Tax Credit

The State Of Michigan allows corporations to claim a tax credit on their single business tax return for gifts to libraries. Under the law, corporations are entitled to a credit equal to 50% of the contribution, 5% of the tax liability, or $5,000, whichever is the least. There is also a federal tax deduction, provided total contributions for the year do not exceed 10% of the taxable income.