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Port Sanilac Lighthouse

The Port Sanilac Light Journals at SDL

The Port Sanilac Light Journals were donated to Sanilac District Library by Gail and Roger Holmes Jr. in 1964. Due to their fragile condition, the original journals are not available to the public. Copies are available for view at Sanilac District Library. 

The Port Sanilac Light Journals Online

Library staff are transcribing the light house logs. Completed volumes have been converted into searchable PDF documents and may be viewed online via SDL's local history page. 

  • Volume 1: October 13, 1886 - March 22, 1901 / Richard W. Morris, Keeper and William H. Holmes, Keeper. Transcribed by Cathi Bulone Campbell.   

  • Volume 2: March 23, 1901 - January 31, 1910 / William H. Holmes, Keeper. Transcribed by Cathi Bulone Campbell & Judy Willis. 

  • Volume 3: February 1, 1910 to April 17, 1914 / William H. Holmes, Keeper. Transcribed by Beverly Dear and Kimberly Trowhill.

  • Volume 4: April 18, 1914 to June 30, 1918 / William H. Holmes, Keeper. Transcription in process by Kimberly Trowhill and Beverly Dear. 

  • Volume 5: Located at the National Archives.