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Curb Service Continues At SDL

SDL's 'book valet' service is so convenient for patrons that we've decided to keep it. 

Curb Service Car

How To Place Your Order

  • Call 810-622-8623 during library open hours

  • email

  • You may be asked to identify yourself by name, address & the last five digits of your library card number. 

How To Request Materials

  • Request specific titles, authors and subjects or ask library staff to select materials for you.

  • Family packs may be ordered with books for children.

  • Library staff will gather your requested items and call or email you when your order is ready.

  • Library staff will make an appointment for you to pick up your order.

How To Pick Up Your Order 

  • Call the library when you arrive at the parking lot or at the curb in front of the building.

  • Choose the location in your vehicle and inform library staff where to deposit your items:

  • If you are renting a movie, please have the exact amount ready at time of pick-up. $1 per movie.

Return Items During A Pick-Up

  • Please put returning items in a bag.

  • Give the bag to library staff or place the bag outside of the car for staff to pick up.