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Teen Laptop

MiLibraryQuest Mystery Edition

February 1 - March 15, 2022

A thief is on the loose!!!

The infamous, notorious master thief Lupin has struck again! This time he pilfered the laptop of a best selling Michigan author which contains the only copy of his latest novel. (Why didn't he make a back-up copy? What was he thinking?) 

Lupin is over confident and has sent taunting messages about the laptop's location to Michigan libraries. Put your wits to the test and help Inspector Skirmish find out where Lupin has stashed the stolen laptop. Use the library websites to decode Lupin's notes. 

CPS and SDL students in grades 6-12 are invited to help crack the case. Teens must be a resident of the CPS school district or SDL's library district to be eligible for a prize when their quest is completed. SDL is only participating in the online version. 

MiLibraryQuest logo with detective holding an open book, the text MiLibraryQuest Mystery Edition 

SDL's Clue: Watch where you step in the nearby state and national forests!

This is only one clue to help you solve the mystery of where the pilfered laptop has been hidden.  

See more information and additional clues in the "Current Quest" tab here.